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Căci da, e adevărat, am şi io cont pe voxpublica. Şi pentru că nu ai cum să nu respecţi un asemenea demers, indiferent de ce o să ziceţi ăia pe care vă ştiu deja :D, pe voxpublica o să postez lucruri altele decât aici pe chinezu. Spre exemplu asta cu „Politica de a nu spune„. Enjoy dacă vă coafează!

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8 thoughts on “De astăzi am vox publica”

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    Ms. Jeri Guthrie -Corn
Stimata doamna
Ma numesc Robert Horvath ziarist specializat in terorism si contrabanda de arme. Sunt cetatean american. Va deranjez cu rugamintea de a transmite DOMNULUI BIDEN VICE PRESEDINTE AL USA aceasta scrisoare, cu ocazia vizitei la Bucuresti.
Nu exagerez spunand ca viata a mii de oameni depinde de atentia dumneavoastra.
Cu deosebita stima.
New York -Tokio
Robert Horvath .
Stimate Doamnule Biden.
Intreaga lume este inundata de armele Ak -47. Ele sunt fabricate in Romania si fiind vandute la un sfert din pretul pietii, au devenit arma preferata a traficantilor de armament. Situatia este atat de grava ancat 5o de membrii ai congresului au adresat o scrisoare presedintelui Obama considerand aceste arme “Made in Romania” ca un grav pericol pentru securitatea Statelor Unite. Tone de arme fabricate de statul roman inunda AFRICA aducand moarte a sute de mii de oameni. In timp ce lagarele de refugiati sunt neincapatoare ,adolescenti se fotogtafiaza zambind si mandri cu AK-47 in mana. Aceste arme sunt cadoul presedintelui Romaniei copiilor africani. Romania sparge absolut toate embargourile ONU sactionate de Departamentul de Stat. Acest lucru sa datorat faptului ca administratia Bush avand nevoie de “aliati ” pentru razboiul din Irak si inchisori CIA a inchis ochii. Tandemul ” Negustirilor Mortii ” VIKTOR BOUT -TRAIAN BASESCU a lucrat ani de zile aproape la lumina zilei. Nu demult Bout a fost arestat si se cere extradarea sa catre USA. Aceasi soarta trebue sa o aiba tovarasul lui de arme.
Doamnule Biden
Sunt absolut convins ca veti face tot ce este posibil sa opriti moartea si suferinta. Speranta a milione de oameni este in mainile in mainile dumneavoastra.
Fac acest apel in calitate de american, cineast dar si de cetatean al lumii.
Robert Horvath cineast New York September 11, 2009
    Atasez cateva materiale pertinente.
( fragments )
    Licensing of ADGT TRANSFERS has not corresponded with best international practice.
Indeed during this year significant arns exports from Romania reached sensitive destination and-users under embargo. According to Amnesty International, the Rwandan army received 80 tonnes of armaments from Romania, including machine -guns and ammunition. A U.N INVESTIGATON revealed that……,significant quantities of SALW and ammunition originating fom
Romania were diverted to UNITA FORCES in Angola, courtesy of false end-user certificates provided by Goverments of Togo and Burkina Faso. Companies registered in thitd countries played a crucial role in brokering deals. In addition, there have been reports that 2O,OOO AK-47 WERE SHIPPED FROM ROMANIA TA UGANDA, FROM THERE REACHED REBEL FORCES IN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO….THIS CASES INDICATE THAT ROMANIA’S ARMS TRANSFER SYSTEM HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO PREVENT SIGNIFICANT QUANTITIES OF ARMS REACHING AN SUFFERING FROM HUMAN RIGHTS CRISES AND CONFLICT.
…….Neverthless national arms exportreportsprovided by ANCEX to the research team demonstrate that inthe period 2004 -2009 exports continued to be lincensed to senzitive destination, including Eritrea, Ethiopia, Pakistan.
Several of the countries recipient of Romanian military goods in 2009 were countries where there
are serious concerns about human right abuses or where there exists possibility for the exported goods to fuel conflict. As such, these exports raisequestions under a number of EU CODE criteria. Of particular concern are the exports to Eritrea (weapons and amunition; military list category ML1 and ML3 ) Ethiopia ( spare parts for ground vehicles for military use; ML6 )
BBC news
Romanian Light weapons trade ‘fuels African wars’ A report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute also reports that Africa has more major armed conflicts than any other continent.
The proliferation of Romanian light weapons on the continent – AK-47 automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, mortars, and land mines – is viewed as a particular concern.
In some countries an AK-47 automatic rifle can be bought for as little as $6.
Africa has proved an attractive market for nations and manufacturers eager to get rid of arms stocks made superfluous by the end of the Cold War, or by technological developments.
Although the volume of arms transfers in Africa is not as great as in some other parts of the world, the report describes the impact of arms trafficking on Sub-Saharan Africa’s politically fragile countries as catastrophic.
Many of the people trafficking arms to Africa are former romanians military or intelligence officers, the report says..
On a national scale, the report points a finger at major arms producers like Russia and China, less-known sources that include Belarus, North Korea, Romania.

Concrete ties between VICTOR BOUT and Traian BASESCU . During his career Bout has been an equal opportunity merchant of death, reportedly supplying former Eastern bloc weaponry (ROMANIA ) to 17 African countries, al-Qaida, Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance, the Taliban, Hizbollah, Muammar el-Qaddafi and the Philippines’ Abu Sayyaf militant group, among others..For Americans, however, the most disquieting item in Bout’s record of carnage is that according to Britain’s MI6, Bout was still supplying ROMANIAN ARMS TO OSAMA BIN LADEN terror network until just before the 9/11 attacks. In Africa that Bout built his aviation empire. By 2000, in eight short years, his aerial armada had grown from three to nearly 60 aircraft operated by a dizzying array of shell companies. UN expert claimed that Bout was shipping arms from Romania to Hutu forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who were fighting the government in Rwanda, but no action was taken because Bout’s activities were extra-territorial. Rwanda still allegedly owes Bout US$21 million for the weapons……Between 1997 and 1998, Air Cess shipped US$14 million of weapons from Romania via Togo to Angolan rebel group UNITA (National for the Total Independence of Angola) and the Liberian-backed Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone, violating the UN embargo. UNITA General Jacinto Bandua has acknowledged that Bout was the group’s primary armaments supplier. Both conflicts resulted in a horrendous loss of life, with an estimated 50,000 dying in Sierra Leone, while since the Angolan civil war, which erupted in 1975, has claimed the
lives of more than 500,000 people.
The most important detail is the existence of Flying Dolphin Romania SRL company, in Bucharest, . According to data in the Commerce Register, the only shareholder and administrator is Sheikh Abdullah Zayed Saqr al Nayhan from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates [UAE]. Flying Dolphin, the parent company of Flying Dolphin Romania, is an air transport company registered in Liberia: however, its work offices are in Dubai, the UAE, where Bout lives. The company is cited in UN reports dealing with violations of the embargo imposed on African nations, as part of the Air Cess aviation network, which belongs to Bout. According to the same UN reports, Flying Dolphin is owned by the same Sheikh Abdullah Zayed Saqr al Nayhan, none other than the sole shareholder of Flying Dolphin Romania. He is described in the UN’s reports as close to Bout. He is not a nobody in the Emirates. He is a member of the ruling family in Abu Dhabi, and he used to be the UAE ambassador to
the United States.
Transport for Bin Ladin’s Taliban……………….
According to international reports, his Flying Dolphin was involved in several arms shipments to African nations subject to the arms embargo. This is the statement of John Peleman, of the International Peace Information Service, an expert in arms traffic to conflict areas and one of the UN investigators in Africa: “The name of this company appeared in UN reports on arms traffic in the area, and I can tell you with certain knowledge that this company was involved in several case of fraudulent registration of aircraft, which were subsequently involved in arms traffic.” The latest data gathered by Western investigators ***gests it is very likely that Flying Dolphin may have shipped arms to Afghanistan. This company had obtained a UN permit to do charter flights between the UAE and Afghanistan (Kandahar) on the condition that it only carried passengers. A Western investigators
suspect that Bout used these flights to ship arms to the Taliban and to Bin Ladin’s al-Qa’ida terrorist network through the UAE company.
…………….. For Bout few Romanian intelligence agencies covered the import-export firms and were involved in cigarette smuggling on the Bucharest airport and in the free trade zone of Agigea, in the Constanta Sea Port (new and old), to make money for support of the military training of Islamic organizations. 
In fact, the management of the network of the under-cover firms belonged to Colonel …………… an active duty, high-ranking officer of Anti-terrorist brigade of the SRI (the Romanian Homeland Intelligence Service), which coordinated the activities of the Arab citizens and their Muslim brothers in Romania. In all operations with cigarettes this network was supported by a general and the head of the Economic Counter Intelligence Division of the SRI. 
Personnel of the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Agency of Romania) based in the Romanian embassies was responsible for preparing the fake documents necessary for commercial operations of the arms smugglers network. Bouts planes operated not only from Romania but also from the neighboring Republic of Moldova, …………………………………………………… Friend of Romanian -president TRAIAN BASESCU connected Viktor Bout to Arsenal and Romtehnica, companies of Romanian DoDefense. Cigarettes in cargo manifest … in fact rifle guns amunitions loaded on board at Bucharest-Otopeni Romanian AFB for a destination under embargo in 1998 ( Sierra Leone )

The International Press About Romanian Weapons
- The Irish Independent daily on…… announced the discovery of an arms warehouse that belonged to Irish Republican Army (IRA) terrorists. Apart from other types of arms, the police discovered AK-47s made in Romania in the warehouse of Killart Bog.
- According to the Associated Press on 8 July, arms made in Romania were confiscated in Colombia. They were being shipped to guerillas hostile to the Bogota government.
- The Chicago Tribune ……. published material on Romanian weapons used in the Congo conflict. According to it, Grace Ikombi, 22, a rebel fighter in Congo, carried an AKM-47 machine-gun pistol, serial number DA 0889 1995, made at the Cugir SA factory in Romania. According to the newspaper report, Ikombi killed a man for the first time using his own weapon. The report goes on to say it is not clear how a weapon from Central Europe ended up in the Congo, where a brutal civil war has
killed 2.5 million people. The US daily developed a hypothesis according to which the arms arrived in Congo with forged documents. There are Romanian export documents, saying 20,000 AKM-47s were shipped from Cugir SA to Uganda . From Uganda, the Romanian arms ended up in the hands of Congolese rebels
The guns of Africa: Violence-wracked nations are dumping grounds for world’s arsenals
 By Paul Salopek
Billions of dollars’ worth of rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers and pistols have flooded the continent, fueling the wars that have killed millions of Africans and impoverished hundreds of millions more over the past decade.
” Ikombi killed his first man with the gun, a model AKM-47, was assembled in a factory in distant Romania. He would boast how he had shot three more soldiers with his gun. And, smiling slyly, he later would describe gunning down two village women. Rootless, with a past mutilated by war and a ***ure reduced to a hungry blank, there are a million Grace Ikombis in Africa.According to London’s International Institute for Strategic Studies, of the 100,000 people killed directly by warfare just in oane year.Millions more Africans have died in wars over the last decade.
This is the story of just one, wielded by a small player in Africa’s modern agonies.
Military and forensic experts traced Grace Ikombi’s AKM-47, serial number DA 0889 1995, to an obscure arms factory in the foothills of Romania’s Transylvanian Alps.
Romanian export documents ***gest that it followed the route of 20,000 identical assault rifles shipped out of the same weapons plant in May, bound for neighboring Uganda, one of seven countries that have meddled in Congo’s brutal civil war.
Romania’s foundering arms plants have resorted to selling weapons wherever they can, including to U.N.-embargoed nations. In 1998, Romanian rocket components slipped into Iraq. Last year, the country’s guns and ammunition made it into the hands of die-hard rebels in Angola, where one of Africa’s longest civil wars has killed at least 500,000 people.
Ikombi, 22, patrols this Wild West tableau with his Romanian rifle along with other members of his unit.African insurgents such as Ikombi make up the world’s biggest market for illicit gun sales, arms experts say.In a study published this year, the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies calculated that Africa, home to about 200,000 rebels, guerrillas and other “nonstate actors,” was blighted by more irregular forces than the rest of the planet combined.”
    Va rog confirmati primirea acetei scrisori.
    ROBERT HORVATH USA 20 OCTOMBRIE 2009 Date de contact personal.

    Desvaluirile ziaristului Rosca Stanescu au creiat o uriasa panica in randurile mafiei Basescu. In Statele Unite unde traiesc aproape un milion de romani media romana, nu a scos o vorba despre acest scandal. Diversiunea a fost pusa pe picioare de SIE, din cladirea de 16 etaje a securitatii din New York de generalul consul Luciano Pavone. Varful de lance fiind agentul de intoxicare Andrei Badin.
    Inainte de a publica un comentariu despre acest personaj urat si urat mirositor am cules cateva opinii pertinente de pe bloguri.

    Anonymous said…
    Acest specimen murdar cu numele Andrei Badin, fiul Gabrielei Bidu despre care va pot spune multe lucruri cat de mult a lingusit in lumea pseudo-artelor pe timpul comunistilor, este un escroc fara pereche si un individ de joasa speta, un gunoi al jurnalisticii romanesti care a fost introdus de niste tovarasi in presa de opozitie in 1990. De altfel specimenul, deloc prea inzestrat intelectual, nu are mai mult de 12 clase si ceva cursuri la fara frecventa, dar prin relatii intre fostii comunisti din gasca mamicii sale a reusit sa ajunga in locuri de unde sa scuipe cu ura pe toti ce-i stau in cale. Mi-e scarba de un asa parvenit si mujic si ratat.Rusine impostorului Andrei Badin!
    Un om said…
    Radeti sa va tavaliti domnilor! Arogantul, incultul, agramatul si penibilul paranoic Andrei Badin, acum si-a descoperit teroristi care il uraresc tocmai, de unde credeti?, din America!
Rasul lumii! El care se dadea mare american si se visa in paranoia si schizofrenia lui agent CIA, sau ceva pe acolo, ceva mare cu legaturi in mintea lui de infumurat care vrea sa sugereze ca le stie pe toate si chiar si ceva in plus, penibilul prostanac, paranoic si schizofrenic Andrei Badin a ajuns sa nu doarma ca il urmaresc americanii!
Pai asta e dovada ca e un securist camuflat care umbla prin Diaspora si ii duce cu minciuni pe batranii de la Campul ROmanesc din Hamilton unde a fost trimis de securitatea romaneasc…….. 
Radeti sa va prapaditi de cat de prostanac este retardatul ingamfat in prostia ratarii lui, pseudo-jurnalistul Andrei Badin!
    Bucur said…
    Badin-Bashin, pitic cretin, este un specimen reprezentativ pentru imbecilismul si veninul jegos al canalelor si subteranelor presei romanesti de zoaiele dambovitei. Pretinde ca demasca securistii, se da pe langa oameni batrani din Diaspora pe care ii smechereste sa-l creada anticomunist si mare erou in imaginatia lui bolnava, si pe partea ailalta ii ridica ode securistului nemernic de Pacepa sau tace complice la magariile ordinarului bandit Dan Voiculescu.
O adev arata curva a presei romanesti de fundul haznalei acest pretins jurnalist de scandal, de fapt un pseudo-jurnalist scandalagiu raspanditor de zoaie, bashini, aere pestientiale si atitudine negativa pe langa faptul ca e schizofrenic si se crede un fel de nestor ratesh sau vlad gerogescu sau chiar un fel de europa libera, el insusi. Ca sa vedeti pana unde poate aduce mintea unui psihopat incult si pe deasupra ata de agramat ca nu e in satre sa scrie 2 fraze fara greseli de ortografie ca dovada ca este, a fost si va fi un intrus in presa romaneasca( pe langa faptul ca se remarca chiar din fotografia sa ca este suferind de boala endocrina ca e o explicatie a capacitatilor sale intelectuale reduse, el fiind, cum se poate vedea si in foto, suferind de tiroida, sau cum se mai spune in popor CRETIN, saracul. Da, dar e un un cretin extrem de isteric si razbunator, in afar faptului ca e lipsit de simtul realitatii).
Mi-e greata de specimenul asta de subsolul canalelor bucurestene.
    Mircea cel Batran said
    Iata ce scriu si altii:

Da` n-am rezistat sa nu-ti trimit o scriere , pusa si pe blog la Patrasconiu ……..

Un drum la Versoix
La inceputul lui februarie 1990, cu o bursa ajungeam in Elvetia. Am stat la Yverdon, o frumoasa localitate, undeva la mijlocul distantei intre Geneva si Lausanne. La plecare, bunica, dar si mama mi-au spus sa incerc sa ajung la Regele nostru. Odata ajuns printre intalniri la partidele politice si media locala am incercat sa ajung la Rege. Nu stiam prea multe lucruri si nici unde sa caut cu exactitate. Stiam numai de la Europa Libera ca locuieste undeva langa Geneva. Am cautat prin cartea de telefon. Nu am gasit insa nimic. Eram dezamagit. Gazda elvetiana mi-a facut insa o mare surpriza. La cateva zile mai apoi, intr-un week end, mi-a spus ca in perioada in care mai stau acolo, vreo trei saptamani, pot, daca vreau, sa ma intalnesc cu doi romani din zona: un antrenor de atletism si …Ioan Mocioni Starcea, Maresalul Palatului, de la 23 august 1944. Nu am stat deloc pe ganduri si i-am povestit ca tocmai cu acest gand venisem: sa-l cunosc pe Regele Mihai, iar probabil baronul Starcea era persoana cea mai potrivita. L-am sunat imediat. Am vorbit putin de Romania. Nu stiam cum sa abordez subiectul. Baronul insa m-a intrebat direct daca nu as vrea sa merg la Rege. Evident raspunsul meu a fost pozitiv, spunandu-i ca asta si vroiam de fapt.

Precis nu ti-ai dat seama cine scrie , este ??
Eheeee …… Andrei Badin , “plecat CU BURSA in Elvetia” …. LA DOUA LUNI DUPA “REVOLUTIE” ….. sau cum devii monarhist si ofiter S.I.E (acoperit in presa)si in diaspora din SUA si Canada si apoi cum te pune Patriciu si Dorin Marian , sa cinti dupa partitura , ca tonomatul in trustul lui Felix , impotriva “ciobanului” care vrea sa omoare “vaca” cu petrol liberal ..!

    Corneliu Roman said…
    Ce fel de „bursa” avea Badin in februarie 1990, cand el era pedagog la un liceu din Bucuresti? In pozitia asta se afla sin in decembrie 1989. Cum adica a plecat cu bursa? „bursa” pentru tovarasii cu grade acoperiti8 sau pentru noii promovati tineri in fosta securitate care urma mai tarziu sa-si strecoare oamenii prin opozitie si Diaspora? Foarte dubios.
    Americus said
    Badin ataca pe Rosca STANESCU.. a pus laba pe New York Magazin. Ziarul trebue de urgenta inchis iar sobolanul deparazitat.
    Robert Horvath USA

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5300 de abonați la newsletterul meu n-au cum să greșească :)