Me as a devil’s advocate in safer internet debate

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This is, largely, my presentation for the Summer Camp in Bran with focus on safer internet. I say largely because what I said there is a totally different story :D Please all participants to the debate, feel free to be the Lukes we spoke about an comment here at this post :D (Please excuse my english. No, really, please do :D)

I am not here to tell how how smart I am, how much I know about blogging. Instead I would like to learn from you about how much I do not know. And if I can make myself useful along the way, good for me.

Today I will play the part I play the best. And people who know me know that I am very good at that: the devil’s advocate. Because that’s the way I think we can make the best of the situation here.

Why do I like to be a devil’s advocate? Because what I dislike the most about the internet is the echo room. That’s a room packed with 2.0 angels spreading their immaculate wings and singing Let’s say that all of us here like, not like, love Michael Jacskon. And 100 m away is a room full of people who do not like MJ. And 200 m away there are people who really, really hate MJ. So, I can choose to stay with you and feel good together, but at the end of the day all I would have learned with you is that I like MJ. But I already knew that, of course. So what’s my gain here? But if I go to the room with people that do not like MJ and try to understand why, that’s a different story. And then, while gathering my strength, go to the room with guys that really, really hate MJ. Catch my drift?

My point here is that the world is beautiful when surrounded by people and things we like. But we can learn the most from the thins that we do not like. If you allow the expression, good is good but bad is goodder because we cand learn a lot from it.

How many of you have blogs? How many of you have a FB, HI5, Twitter account? Oh, geez, you are in great danger than… The dark force of the internet is over your head…

I really don’t think that a safer internet means handcuffing the internet. The internet can not be cuffed. One can try, of course, but let me see such a person as an outdated Don Quijote. Once we understand that we can not handcuffed the internet, we can go to the next step, a very important one: try to understand what’s wrong with it, what is its dark side. And than, instead of pretending that it does not exist, let’s show it to as many people as we can and try to cope with it. The dark side of the web exists, of course, either we acknowledged it or not. And if a dark force of the internet exists, there is also a Darth Vader 2.0. Many of them, actually.

So, put modesty aside, allow me to play the part of a modern Darth Vader. And breathing as only Darth Vader can, let me say to all of you: Luke, I’m your 2.0 father, come with me to the dark side and together we will rule the universe. And of course you will take your www laser sword and say: No, you bad, bad man with a stupid black mask, because… I want to hear many, many becauses from you. Let the fight begins! And may the force of the internet be with you.

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